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Albert Einstein

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Special Needs Job Search Teaching Module
Designed to teach essential job search skills to students with special needs.

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"COD is one of the best Employee Assessment and Survey Services that we have used in recent years. We have been extremely impressed with the complexity of the tests as well as the diversity of the tests available. The tests are extremely comprehensive yet practical in nature. We have used COD tools to assist us in our senior management recruitment and selection process and succession planning initiatives. The results have proven to be of tremendous value in helping us build meaningful and comprehensive developmental plans for future organization leaders. We now have the confidence to make difficult decisions about how and where we direct the limited resources for employee development and training. We also appreciate all of the hands-on support that we received from David. The Employee’s who participated told us the results were easy to understand and found that the information provided them with new insights into their own capabilities and developmental needs. We plan to continue utilizing the tools that COD has available and have no hesitation recommending COD to other organizations."

Lis Pedersen, Manager of Human Resources, DipSS,BSW,CHRP, City of Courtenay, BC

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