Employee/Station Manager Applicant Inventory

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Administration Time - 30 min
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These assessments can help you hire the best candidates for hourly and management positions - the SEAI (Station Employee Applicant Inventory) assessment system and the SMAI (Station Manager Applicant Inventory) assessment system.

Your sales associates can make or break your reputation for quality customer service. Build a staff that understands the impact service has on your customers and enjoys creating a positive atmosphere. The SEAI assessment can help you do just that, by helping you assess a potential employee's willingness to:

• Contribute to team efforts
• Practice safe work habits
• Handle cash and merchandise with complete trustworthiness
• Stay on the job once hired
• Follow company policies

What the SEAI Assessment Helps You Measure

The many versions of the SEAI assessment (SEAI, SEAI Safety, SEAI Tenure, SEAI Safety and Tenure) let you select a pre-employment system tailored to your needs. Each version may contain the following scales:

Honesty - The likelihood that the individual will not steal cash and merchandise from work.

Drug Avoidance - The likelihood that an applicant will not use or sell illegal drugs on the job.

Interpersonal Cooperation - An applicant's tendency to be courteous and cooperative with co-workers and customers.

Arithmetic Ability - Basic math ability as it relates to totaling orders, counting change, and figuring discounts.

Job-Specific Skills and Abilities - An applicant's conscientiousness, reliability, and general clerical skills.

Safety - An applicant's attitude toward safety and how it may cause or prevent other on-the-job accidents.

Tenure - The likelihood that an applicant will not leave the company prematurely.

Validity / Candidness - The extent to which an individual responded to the inventory in a socially desirable manner.

Employability Index - A composite measure of an applicant's overall suitability for hire.

Along with honesty, interpersonal cooperation, and drug avoidance, the SMAI assessment helps you evaluate the following dimensions:

Background and Work Experience - Management-related education, in addition to training and experience.

Managerial Arithmetic - Basic math ability relating to inventory, payroll, and profit analysis.

Temperament - A candidate's self-report of personality traits associated with management success.

Understanding Organizational Procedures and Practices - A candidate's understanding of management practices and basic business sense relating to customers.

Validity / Candidness - The extent to which the candidate responded to the inventory in a socially desirable manner.

Validity / Accuracy - The degree to which the candidate understood the inventory and carefully and accurately completed it.

Manager Potential Index - A composite score indicating a candidate's overall suitability for hire.
Zero-in on Effective Managers and Franchise Owners

It's not enough to hire someone who claims to have prior management experience. The most effective managers offer strong leadership qualities, know the value of customer service, and can hire qualified sales associates. The SMAI assessment helps you pinpoint candidates who will most likely:

• Set your business apart from your competitors
• Hire competent employees - a key to reducing turnover
• Motivate and develop employees
• Foster a team spirit

In addition, you'll discover the candidates who have the integrity and skills to handle the day-to-day financial responsibilities of the business. We based the SMAI assessment on a job analysis to identify the key elements of business success as a station manager. We also compared the performance of above and below average station managers on the SMAI assessment. So not only do you obtain results on a job candidate's potential but you're also able to compare that person to other successful stations managers.

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