Educational Administrator Effectiveness Profile®

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The EAEP® has been DISCONTINUED but the same measures/results can be accessed via the Management Effectiveness Profile System (MEPS).

However, the administrative and/or managerial skills that the EAEP measured may still be captured using a similar tool. Please see the Management Effectiveness Profile System (MEPS) instead. It was developed by the same publisher and although the language differs slightly, it measures almost the same skill sets as the EAEP and in fact, has been successfully used to do so and is now the recommended product for such evaluations.

The Educational Administrator Effectiveness Profile ® (EAEP) has been developed with the help of the Danforth Foundation, for elementary through adult education administrators. This instrument accurately identifies the administrators' current technical and people skills and provides remedies for any improvement that may be necessary. The EAEP provides administrators with feedback on the following 11 key areas:

• Setting Goals and Objectives
• Planning
• Making Decisions and Solving Problems
• Managing Business and Fiscal Affairs
• Assessing Progress
• Delegating Responsibilities
• Communicating
• Building and Maintaining Relationships
• Demonstrating Professional Commitment
• Improving Instruction
• Developing Staff

The EAEP Participant Kit Includes:

• Self-Description Inventory -This inventory contains 120 items to be completed by the participant. It enables administrators to assess their own skills and behaviours. The results are plotted on the graph in the Administrative Skills Profile booklet included in the kit.

• Description By Others Inventories (5) - The inventories are distributed to 5 co-workers to complete. From these results, the participant then receives a composite of how the five others perceive the participant. The average is plotted on the bar graph in the Administrative Skills Profile booklet included in the kit.

• Self-Development Guide - This booklet devotes a chapter to each of the 11 areas measured by EAEP, and suggests steps to strengthen the skills or behaviours, which need attention.

• Administrative Skills Profile - This booklet is provided for participants to plot their scores and the average scores from their co-workers.

• Item-by-item Feedback Booklet - Administrators receive a detailed breakdown of scores to assist them in targeting very specific areas for improvement.

• Scorer's Worksheet - This worksheet helps average all scores in order to plot the profile.

• EAEP Leader's Guide - This manual offers administrative suggestions and techniques for effective facilitation of an EAEP program.

The Educational Administrator Effectiveness Profile® is a registered trademark of Human Synergistics, Inc., Plymouth, MI, U.S.A.

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