Industrial Electrician

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Appropriate For New Applicants
Existing Employees
Comprehensiveness Advanced
Administration Time - 1 hr
Format mouse icon pencil icon
Scoring Options hand icon Internet icon
Language English
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Assesses: Electrical knowledge and skill
Skill Level: Above journey-level (C level)
Test Format: 60 Items, Multiple-choice
Language: English

The Industrial Electrician test focuses more heavily on diagnostics and troubleshooting in the industrial setting than the ElecTest does. As a result, this test omits areas addressing component or sub-component level electronics, such as individual transistors, logic gates, or single-function chips. Instead, it focuses on troubleshooting of user-serviceable components and on proper installation and maintenance. Motors and industrial automation are other vital aspects, and are addressed in their own categories.

Content Areas

• Motors and Controls
• Schematics and Print Reading
• Computers, PLCs, and Automation
• AC/DC Theory and Test Instruments
• Process Control and Sensors
• Installation, Repair, and Power Distribution

Sample Question:

A dual element fuse is used to
A. operate at a higher voltage.
B. operate at a higher current.
C. operate with a temporary overload.
D. protect the transistor.

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