SIGMA Performance Index – Sales

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Appropriate For New Applicants
Existing Employees
Comprehensiveness Advanced
Administration Time - 1 hr
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Language English
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• Selection and placement of job applicants for a wide range of sales positions.
• Succession Planning - to determine promotability of candidates for sales management and executive positions.
• Sales coaching and career development.


The SIGMA Performance Index - Sales (SPI-S) is a comprehensive assessment that combines an aptitude measure (Form A of the Personnel Assessment Form (PAF) ) with the power of the SIGMA Survey for Sales Professionals (3SP). It measures verbal and quantitative skills along with 28 critical dimensions of expected sales performance, with a focus on "red flags" that could impede success.

The detailed SPI-S report contains both profiles and narrative descriptions. This complementary information describes an individual's aptitude, as well as expected level of performance on the skills and personal characteristics critical for success in sales. Every statement in the report is supported by statistically significant correlations between personality and job performance.

The SPI-S Dimensions

• Verbal
• Quantitative
• Overall

Cognitive and Interpersonal Sales Skills
• Technical Orientation
• Creativity
• Thoroughness
• Risk Taking
• Open Mindedness
• First Impression
• Interpersonal Relations
• Sensitivity
• Social Astuteness
• Communication
• Formal Presentation
• Persuasiveness
• Negotiation
• Listening

Personal Sales Qualities
• Achievement / Motivation
• Self Discipline
• Flexibility
• Independence
• Self Esteem
• Emotional Control
• Dependability
• Ambition
• Assuming Responsibility
• Vision
• Organizational Spokesperson
• Short-term Planning
• Strategic Planning
• Productivity

Administration Languages

• English

Report Languages

• English

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