Leadership Character Insight Assessment

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Appropriate For New Applicants
Existing Employees
Comprehensiveness Intermediate
Administration Time - 1 hr
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The Leadership Character Insight Assessment is the product of a creative and dynamic partnership between experts in leadership at the Ivey Business School and experts in assessment at SIGMA. It is designed to measure leadership character and provide leaders and potential leaders with practical insight regarding:

• What leader character is and why it is essential for building strong leaders and organizations
• Key dimensions of character, their corresponding elements, and how they interact to influence leadership effectiveness
• Character strengths as well as information on how leaders can grow and develop on each character dimension


• Equipping leaders and organizations with a deeper understanding of character and the language to discuss leader character in a meaningful way
• Providing a platform to initiate learning and development around leader character
• Identifying and addressing problems that stall careers and contaminate working relationships
• Augmenting a competence-based leadership assessment process with a unique, powerful predictor of leadership performance


The LCIA measures leadership character on 11 dimensions and 61 elements:

o Accepts Consequences
o Conscientious
o Responsible
o Takes Ownership

o Collegial
o Cooperative
o Flexible
o Interconnected
o Open-Minded

o Brave
o Confident
o Determined
o Resilient
o Tenacious

o Demonstrates Initiative
o Passionate
o Results-Oriented
o Strives for Excellence
o Vigorous

o Compassionate
o Considerate
o Empathetic
o Forgiving
o Magnanimous

o Continuous Learner
o Grateful
o Modest
o Reflective
o Respectful
o Self-Aware
o Vulnerable

o Authentic
o Candid
o Consistent
o Principled
o Transparent

o Adaptable
o Analytical
o Cognitively Complex
o Critical Thinker
o Decisive
o Insightful
o Intuitive
o Pragmatic
o Situationally Aware

o Equitable
o Even-Handed
o Fair
o Proportionate
o Socially Responsible

o Calm
o Composed
o Patient
o Prudent
o Self-Controlled

o Appreciative
o Creative
o Future-Oriented
o Inspired
o Optimistic
o Purposive

Administration Languages
• English

Report Languages
• English

Leader and Student Versions

The LCIA is available in 2 versions:

• The LCIA-Leader version is designed for use with people already in leadership positions, and presents comparison scores based on a norming group comprised of people in similar positions.

• The LCIA-Student version is designed for students in MBA and other leadership programs, and presents comparison scores based on a norming group comprised of students in similar programs.

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