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Appropriate For New Applicants
Existing Employees
Comprehensiveness Basic
Administration Time - 30 min
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Language English
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The English Spelling (U.S.) test measures the candidate's knowledge of spelling in American English. Designed for the proficient linguist, this test covers the following topics: spelling abbreviations, plurals, possessives, proper nouns, terminology (including medical, computer, engineering, and legal), and commonly used foreign words.

Job Family: Technical Writer/Editor/Administrative Assistant/Clerical Worker
Time Allowed: 3 min per question/90 min total
Average Testing Time (minutes): 28
Number of Sittings: One
Designed for Unproctored Environment: Yes
Question Format: Multiple Choice - Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) technology dynamically adjusts the test to the level of the test taker resulting in shorter test times, increased accuracy and enhanced security.
Product Category: Clerical

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Competencies Measured

• Spelling Abbreviations
• Plurals
• Possessives
• Proper Nouns
• Terminology
• Commonly Used Foreign Words
• Prefixes
• Suffixes

Test Topics

• Contractions
• States
• Weights and Measures

American Spelling of Commonly Used Foreign Words
• English Origin
• French Origin
• Italian Origin
• Latin Origin
• Other Origin

Common Errors
• c vs. s
• Double Consonants
• Frequently Confused Words
• Frequently Misspelled Words
• g (sound) vs. j (sound)
• g vs. dg
• Homophones (triplets)
• Homophones (twins)
• ie vs. ei
• Silent First Letters
• Unstressed Vowels

• Compound Words
• s vs. es
• Utterly Unpredictable
• With final f
• With final o
• With final y

• Plural Nouns
• Pronouns
• Proper Names
• Singular Nouns

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