Putting the Bars Behind You - Video

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Putting the Bars Behind You - Video

"This video shows excellent examples of how to respond - and how NOT to respond - better than any information I've found anywhere!"

- Penny L. Richardson, Business Instructor, Idaho State Correctional Institution

Ex-offenders are often clients or participants in programs operated by many organizations - community-based organizations, post-secondary institutions, one-stop career centers, other training programs funded by JTPA, and welfare-to-work programs, to name some. Both ex-offenders and the professionals who work with them will benefit from this excellent, newly revised video that addresses the unique challenges that ex-offenders face when they look for work.

Results-Oriented Job Search Methods

This is still a very special video that addresses key topics with solid content. Real-life ex-offenders talk about looking for - and finding - jobs. Ex-offenders learn Mike Farr's practical, self-directed job search techniques, with emphasis on the unique needs of ex-offenders:

• Why traditional job search methods - filling out applications, answering newspaper ads, and "shot-gunning" resumes - are less effective for ex-offenders
• The two most effective job search methods that can dramatically reduce the time it takes to find a job

And the job search methods are the very best! They're based on techniques by Mike Farr, whose job search books have sold more than 2 million copies!

Shows Ex-Offenders How to Interview Successfully

The toughest challenge for ex-offenders seeking work is the job interview. Special attention is given to the interview, and ex-offenders learn how to:

• Discuss their incarceration with potential employers
• Communicate their skills and strengths
• Answer tough interview questions

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