Career Interest Profiler & Canadian Career Interest Profiler

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Comprehensiveness Intermediate
Administration Time - 30 min
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Identify top career choices. Anyone searching for career direction will find this tool helpful. The Career Interest Profiler (CIP) was developed to help people clarify their interests and related them to work and career options. Based on over two years of research on over 17,000 individuals, the CIP was designed to clarify the types of activities a person enjoys and highlight occupations where these interests can be met. Unlike many interest inventories that focus on professional careers, the Career Interest Profiler offers a substantial number of vocational/technical occupations that do not require a college or university degree, as well as many that do. Use the CIP for career discovery, academic goal-setting and mid-career transition, workforce re-entry, retirement planning and entrepreneurial exploration. The CIP measures six traits and suggests 20-40 top careers that fit the test taker's interests.

The report includes an in-depth description of occupational interests including: a full career interest profile showing scores on 6 interest scales, an analysis of the two top career interests, descriptions of 20-40 occupations related to the client’s key interest areas and career planning exercises. It also includes job descriptions, links to O*Net and NOC (National Occupational Classification) databases, as well as, helpful information and exercises for further career exploration.

New – Canadian Report (23 Pages)

Help your clients go further in their career exploration. The new dynamic, interactive Canadian Career Interest Profiler (CIP) report provides a description of your client’s responses, plus allows them to easily explore their career options, by having more information at their fingertips. The new report contains the most current occupational information with over 1100 careers within the NOC database. Clients can find out more about their top rated careers with just a click of the mouse. Canadian information available includes region specific job opportunities, up-to-date information on job duties and skills requirements, salaries and occupational outlook, and license and certification requirements.

Use For:

Career Directions, Individual Development

Time: 25 minutes
Items: 180

Scoring: prepaid (mail-in or fax), online

Available in French

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