Military-To-Civilian Career Transition Guide 2nd Edition

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Military-To-Civilian Career Transition Guide 2nd Edition

When returning from service, veterans may find they've left one battle for another: finding employment in one of the bleakest job markets in U.S. history.

This handbook provides a career transition framework for service members and their families. Readers are given exit strategies for gracefully leaving the military; charts, checklists, and worksheets for planning each transition aspect; resume and cover letter samples and strategies; and interviewing and salary negotiation tips. The author also shares advice for surviving the first month on the new job and beyond.

This enhanced edition includes a chapter on how to land a federal job, tips for online networking; a directory of online transition tools; and information on employment and retraining options for disabled veterans.

An essential roadmap for transitioning service members and their families, this eye-opening guide addresses the entire transition process and includes the family perspective with it.

Table of Contents

Step 1: Establish Your Post-Uniform Priorities
Step 2: Identify Your Marketable Skills
Step 3: Translate Your Skills for Civilian Employers
Step 4: Craft a Flexible Resume and Cover Letter
Step 5: Find and Apply for Worthy Jobs
Step 6: Nail the Interview
Step 7: Get Hired and Succeed on the Job

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