Security Guard Test

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Hiring a Security Guard is serious business: use our security guard test to find the right candidate

Purpose: The security guard test will help you identify people who will be diligent, hard working, come across as cordial and polite, have the strength of character to handle unruly people and get them to cooperate without use of force, and are reliable and dependable about coming to work every day. It also assesses if they are not likely to engage in various kinds of ethical misconduct such as rules infractions, internal theft, drug use, or inappropriate show of violence.

NOTE: We recommend pairing the Security Guard test with the PAI for Law Enforcement® test. The PAI is a valuable tool for employers to evaluate potential mental health problems in candidates for jobs such as police officers, public safety officers, corrections officers, state troopers, security guards, etc. The PAI provides valuable insights that are not available with normal pre-employment assessment tools, and it meets most standards for a clinical evaluation requirement as part of the hiring process.

Comparing the Security Guard test with the Police Officer test: These two tests have the same set of questions. As we develop larger databases for these two job families, we will be able to further refine specific norms for each group.

This assessment consists of two parts:

• 175-question personality test
• 44-item test of mental ability that incorporates verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning.

This test takes approximately 90 minutes to complete.

Testing Process: Online personality testing provides immediate reporting. Proctoring is desirable but not required.

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