Visual Inspection Test

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Appropriate For New Applicants
Existing Employees
Comprehensiveness Intermediate
Administration Time - 30 min
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Language English
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Purpose: This test assesses the ability to spot small visual quality differences in products. It taps both visual acuity and attention to detail.

When To Use It: The Visual Inspection Test should be used where the job requires very close attention to visual details.

Target Group: We recommend using this test for a wide range of inspector positions as well as manufacturing positions where inspection is a key job requirement.

High Scorers: People scoring high on this test are able to identify very small differences in pattern, shape, texture that other people would not recognize as a quality problem. Once blemishes are spotted, they are then able to judge whether it qualifies as a reject or not.

Low Scorers: People scoring low on this test are less able to spot blemishes. Therefore, they do not see potential problem.

Number of Items: 20 questions.

Time Limits: 6 minutes

Validity: On average, this test is significantly related r=.27* with overall job performance composite for production/extrusion workers.

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