Cashier Math Test

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Appropriate For New Applicants
Existing Employees
Comprehensiveness Basic
Administration Time - 30 min
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Language English
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Purpose: This test is a minimal screen to assess basic math skills related to retail tasks where employees have to do some calculations about the total bill and make change.

When To Use It: Where employees are working a cash register or writing up tickets for retail purchases or meals in a restaurant. The test is appropriate for screening out people with minimal math skills.

Target Group: People applying for retail positions that involve handling money.

High Scorers: People who score high on the Cashier Math Test should be quicker at figuring total bills, making change, and spotting problems with arithmetic.

Low Scorers: People who score low on this test will be slow in figuring customers' bills and make a lot of mistakes.

Number of Items: 16

Time Limits: None

Validity: This Is a content valid test that uses "real-life” situations to evaluate capacity for handling monetary transactions in a retail setting. Scores are provided as "Percent Correct.

Sample Items

There are 7 arithmetic problems such as:

$35.50 + 14.35 = (a) 39.85 (b) 39.75 {c) $44.55{d) 49.85 (e) 50.85

And there are 9 word problems such as:

A customer's purchase is $8.When he gives you $20, what will you give back in change?
(a) $2.00 (b) $12.00 {c) $10.00 (d) $12.99 (e) $28.00

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