Accounting & Bookkeeper Math Aptitude Test

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Appropriate For New Applicants
Existing Employees
Comprehensiveness Basic
Administration Time - 30 min
Format mouse icon
Scoring Options Internet icon
Language English
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Purpose: This test evaluates the candidate's skills in basic bookkeeping/accounting principles and use of Excel spreadsheets. We have one version for Excel 2000 (one that uses pull-down menus) and one for Excel 2007 (one that uses ribbon menu).

When To Use It: It would be appropriate for candidates going into a bookkeeping or entry-level accounting job where you expect the new hire to bring some basic skills into the job.

High Scorers: People scoring high on this test will be able to take on basic tasks without much supervision, and they will move quickly to learn new accounting tasks specific to your company.

Low Scorers: People scoring low on this test will need a great deal of new employee orientation and training. They will not be able to function on their own without guidance.

Number of Items: 10 arithmetic problems,10 word problems, and 20 requiring interpretation of a spreadsheet

Time Limits: Untimed

Validity: This test was developed by Subject Matter Experts, and it has been reviewed by other experts in the accounting field to demonstrate content validity. Before using this test, we recommend that you review the content of the items to determine its appropriateness in your work environment.

Sample Items

Part I: In the first section of the test are 10 math conversion problems such as:

What is the decimal version of___? (a) .40 (b) .44 (c) .25 (d) .14 (e) .60

Part II: In the second part of the test are 10 word problems that involve questions such as:

If the Operations Manager wants to bring in an Engineer at 120% of the top salary range of $70,000,what would the job offer total? (a) $75,000 (c) $82,000 (d) $84,000 (e) $105,000

Part III includes 11 questions pertaining to managing numbers using an Excel database such as:

What employee had the greatest sales in March? {a) Kisha Jones (b) Sarah Bates (d) Total (d) Joe Smith (e) James Proud

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