Golden Personality Type Profiler™

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Appropriate For New Applicants
Existing Employees
Comprehensiveness Intermediate
Administration Time - 30 min
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Help Individuals Perform At A Higher Level

People who succeed have an acute sense of self.

The Golden Personality Type Profiler helps employees understand the basis for their decision-making and the way they relate to other people. They gain better insight into their personal style and how they impact others.

The Golden Personality Type Profiler enables:

• An understanding and appreciation of the differences in your personal style and those of your colleagues
• An ability to capitalize on strengths and to minimize blind spots
• Improved communication through a better understanding of how personal styles affect interactions
• An ability to resolve interpersonal conflict and develop improved relationships

The insights provided by the Golden Personality Type Profiler have been used by many organizations to create meaningful benefits including:

• Improved individual and team performance
• Effective Leadership Development
• Increased productivity/Reduced workplace conflict
• Reduced Turnover

This online questionnaire asks individuals to respond to 125 behavior-oriented questions, such as how one reacts to various situations. The online administration is very user-friendly and can be completed in about 20 minutes.

Unlike other personality assessments, the Golden Personality Type Profiler is unique in that it:

• Is geared toward identifying behaviors
• Examines both work and leisure situations
• Reports on 36 personality characteristics within the four Global Scales, allowing specific individual personalities to emerge for a more comprehensive understanding of work style
• Has an additional Global Scale not included on other Jungian-based instruments with two additional characteristics measuring responses to daily stressors

Administered worldwide by schools and organizations in all industry sectors, the Golden Personality Type Profiler is one of the most in-depth personality assessments available. Powered by Jung’s Theory of Type as well as the Five Factor model of personality, Golden identifies both a 4-letter Jungian type and a 5th element for stress while offering 18 sub-facets that describe the unique personality of each individual. Its powerful reporting options for both individuals and teams offer a great insight and better understanding of self and others making Golden the perfect tool for individual and team development interventions.

Zoom In On:

• A person’s Jungian four-letter personality type
• A fifth element for evaluating stress tolerance
• Insights on leadership, growth opportunities, communication, and motivation
• How a person relates to others

Golden’s questions relate to five areas:

• Where you focus your energy (Extraverting vs Introverting)
• How you gather information (Sensing vs iNtuiting)
• How you make decisions (Thinking vs Feeling)
• How you approach life (organiZing vs Adapting)
• How you respond to stress (Tense vs Calm)

Assessment Description

The Golden Personality Type Profiler (GPTP) is an assessment based upon both Jung's Type Theory as well as the Five Factor model of personality. It employs four global scales to generate a personality type with each global scale being comprised of four facet scales. The GPTP also measures a fifth factor which is associated with emotional stability. The tool has 125 behavior-oriented questions and can be completed in approximately 25 minutes.

Primary Use - Development
Assessment Type - Personality (Focused): Psychological Type
Job Level - All
Job Type - All
Number of Items - 125
Completion Time - Approximately 25 minutes (untimed)

Two versions of the GPTP are available:

Form A/Z (which labels the fourth type dimension as Adapting/Organizing)
Form J/P (which retains the traditional label of Judging/Perceiving for this dimension).

The GPTP reports on the following dimensions:

Extraverting vs. Introverting
• Talkative vs. Quiet
• Socially Bold vs. Reserved
• Outgoing vs. Intimate
• Participative vs. Reflective

Sensing vs. Intuiting
• Concrete vs. Abstract
• Practical vs. Innovative
• Conventional vs. Visionary
• Traditional vs. Trendsetting

Thinking vs. Feeling
• Rational vs. Empathetic
• Autonomous vs. Compassionate
• Analytic vs. Warm
• Competitive vs. Nurturing

Organizing vs. Adapting
• Planned vs. Open-ended
• Reliable vs. Casual
• Deliberate vs. Spontaneous
• Conforming vs. Nonconforming

Tense vs. Calm
• Concerned vs. Optimistic
• Unsure vs. Confident

The GPTP Report

The GPTP Report provides a numerical and visual presentation of the candidate’s scores on each dimension, personality type profile, and an extensive narrative report with development advice.

The Individual Report includes the following sections:
• Contributions to an organization
• Leadership style
• Growth Opportunities
• Communication style
• Team Preferences
• Motivation and Learning
• Response to Stress

The GPTP Team Report

The Golden Personality Type Profiler Team Report helps employees gain better insight into their personal style and will help team members apply Golden Personality Type Profiler results to develop a deeper understanding of the team’s strengths and growth opportunities, a better appreciation of team members’ personal styles, a greater awareness of how to effectively interact with team members, and a clearer picture of how the team can make the most of everyone’s talents.

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