General Clerical Skills Tests Series

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Appropriate For New Applicants
Comprehensiveness Basic
Administration Time - 30 min
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Language English
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The General Clerical Skills Tests are a quick, inexpensive way to test candidates for the skills you require. These tests are used to pre-screen job applicants and in-house personnel in any position requiring specific administrative and clerical skills. Each test requires less than 7 minutes (except for Bookkeeping which takes 20). Any combination of titles can be purchased in minimum quantities of 25 tests per order.

The Clerical Skills Tests Series includes:

Alphabetizing & Filing - Designed to measure the ability to store and retrieve files in alphabetical order.

Attention To Detail - Ability to recognize likenesses and differences rapidly and accurately.

Bookkeeping - Measures the ability to handle some of the materials and problems with which an experienced bookkeeper deals.

Coding - Ability to code numbers and symbols according to a simple formula.

Grammar & Punctuation - Measures grammar, punctuation ability and the skill to do correspondence.

Manual Dexterity - Measures aptitude for fine and gross muscle control and coordination of eye and hand.

Mechanical Comprehension - Measures the ability to perceive and understand the relationship of physical forces and mechanical elements in practical situations.

Numerical Skills - Facility with numbers, files, codes, symbols and simple arithmetic.

Problem Solving Ability - Measures logical ability, deductive and inductive reasoning.

Proofreading Skills - Measures the ability to proofread.

Reading Comprehension - Measures the ability to read and understand the English language.

Receptionist Skills - Ability to deal with situations that face a receptionist including telephone etiquette.

Spatial Perception - Measures the candidate's space relations aptitude.

Spelling - Measures knowledge of words and the ability to spell correctly.

Verbal Fluency - Ability to think of words rapidly: to write or talk without blocking or searching for the right word.

Vocabulary - Measures the ability to communicate easily and fluently with others.

Each title comes in a package of 25 that includes all the necessary scoring materials.



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