My Thinking Styles

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Appropriate For Existing Employees
Comprehensiveness Intermediate
Administration Time - 30 min
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Language English
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What type of thinker are you?

We all use a variety of thinking styles in our daily lives, but we tend to favor some at the expense of others — and that hurts our ability to make good decisions. My Thinking Styles™ helps you find the right balance. So you can make the best choices, both personally and professionally!

What does it do?

The My Thinking Styles assessment is a personal/professional development tool designed to evaluate thinking styles — how an individual tends to approach situations and make decisions.

Helps individuals discover their preferred thinking style from these 7 styles:

• Analytical
• Inquisitive
• Insightful
• Open-Minded
• Systematic
• Timely
• Truth Seeking

Untimed: 15 minutes
Uses: Staff and individual development

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