Self-Worth Inventory

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Appropriate For New Applicants
Existing Employees
Comprehensiveness Intermediate
Administration Time - 30 min
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Language English
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Self-Worth Inventory

Are you confident in all areas of your life? Do you know each of us can have situational self-worth—various levels of self-worth in different situations, depending on the context and environment?

The Self-Worth Inventory is a 16-page professionally developed, self-administered, and self-scored learning and communication tool. Responding to 40 questions, you establish your self-worth levels in 5 critical areas: Self; Family; Peers; Work; and Projected Self. You confirm your level of self-worth in each area to discover your levels of Self-Concept, Self-Esteem, and your Overall Self-Worth.

Research proves our self-worth levels highly influence our productivity, capacity to engage, our happiness, wellness and stress, our propensity for addictions, ability to embrace change, willingness to take personal responsibility for outcomes, and much more.

In Part 2 of the SWI assessment, you are provided with research on the impact of low and high self-worth, plus 12 specific strategies for increasing and developing the self-worth of yourself and others.

Our thoughts and feelings about ourselves radiate into everything we do.

Use the SWI to:

• Enrich Your Quality of Life
• Increase Your Self-Confidence
• Improve Your Overall Success

Use it for:

• All Employees
• Students
• Family
• Professionals

Note: The SWI work section can be used with high school and university students, and for parenting and volunteer efforts.

Online Self-Worth Inventory

This online version can be completed online 24/7, if you or your client have an Internet connection. The Online SWI automatically totals your responses to the 40 questions and provides a summary of each of the 5 sections, plus your Self-Concept, Self-Esteem, and Overall Self-Worth levels.

The Online SWI includes all the content of the print-based assessment. Your results are stored in your very own Individual Learning Center where you can view, print, or forward (email) them to anyone at any time. The Online SWI is a powerful option to enhance virtual support, coaching, career, confidence, professional development, and/or educational processes.

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