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Appropriate For Existing Employees
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Administration Time - 1 hr
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DISCONTINUED - Please see the Organizational Culture Inventory or search "culture" on this site.

The Corporate Culture Questionnaire measures the prevailing culture of an organisation (its dominant system of beliefs and practices) and helps to guide the development of strategy and to evaluate change programmes.

Corporate Culture Questionnaire

An organisation’s culture has a dramatic impact on its overall performance. Given that corporate culture influences the way that the people in the organisation behave, it is crucial to organisational effectiveness. It follows that a key task of management is to understand, monitor and actively manage the culture of their organisation.

Where measurement can help:

The reports arising from the application of a Corporate Culture Questionnaire have many potential uses in the world of work including:

• Helping to guide the development and/or implementation of corporate strategy and tactical planning
• Assessing differences between the cultural perceptions of:
• Management and other staff
• Different functions within the organisation
• Geographically diverse units or divisions

• Identifying the potential and actual impact of mergers and acquisitions
• Evaluating the effectiveness of specific strategic initiatives
• Clarifying the cultural context in which personnel selection and development is taking place.

Additional benefits

There are a number of areas where the Corporate Culture Questionnaire can help identify variances and potential issues that can affect strategic decisions, namely:

• Business areas where there are varying standards
• Messages are being understood differently in different parts of the organisation
• Areas where there is a need for change
• Information required to support change programmes
• Understanding what change initiatives will work best
• Providing accurate, reliable and comprehensive information about current culture and a guiding framework to plan for the future.

It should be noted that results are compared with other companies providing more context to the findings and helping to develop benchmarks.

Available in multiple languages.

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