Customer Service Skills Profile Online

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Appropriate For New Applicants
Existing Employees
Comprehensiveness Intermediate
Administration Time - 30 min
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The Customer Service Skills Profile is an 84 item, online assessment that provides an objective process for customer service people to self assess how they are performing important service behaviors in seven competencies including:

• Engaging in Joint Problem Solving,
• Building Warmth and Empathy,
• Carefully Negotiating,
• Resolving Conflict,
• Termperament/Disposition,
• Attentive Listening,
• Communicating Clearly

The online feedback report identifies development priorities and provides coaching tips to improve service practices. Participants print out a development planning template that focuses on their top 5 development needs.

The questionnaire uses graduated response scales (almost never to almost always) that help employees draw accurate conclusions about how skilled they presently are in customer service.
The tool quickly generates insights that deliver results again and again as employees seriously consider how well they:

• Demonstrate an open, give-and-take attitude toward other people and customers

• Hear and understand customers and help them successfully convey what they think and feel

• Make themselves understood when communicating with all kinds of people

• Use a positive, constructive, and solution-focused approach whenever conflict arises

• Analyze situations and customer concerns and suggest actions that can help resolve problems

• Negotiate to create mutually beneficial outcomes

• Build a spirit of trust and sincerity to make customers feel they identify with them and care about their concerns

Trainer's can use the Customer Service Skills Profile Leaders Guide to facilitate a group feedback session and development planning workshop of a 1/2 to one day in length. Activities, discussion points and implications are provided for each service competency.

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