Executive Leadership Portfolio

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Administration Time - 1 hr
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Give your senior leaders targeted feedback. Use the executive competency portfolio to assess your senior leaders – those that have a significant impact on your organization. Based on research in numerous organizations into how leaders make a difference to the performance of their teams, this tool measures those competencies that set outstanding executives apart.

They are organized into four key areas:

• building commitment: team leadership, directiveness, executive maturity, impact and influence

• driving for success: results orientation, decisiveness

• sharpening the focus: information seeking, conceptual thinking, strategic orientation

• personal commitment: integrity, organizational commitment.

The ECP provides targeted feedback to senior leaders, clarifying the combination of competencies that distinguishes outstanding performers, and includes specific target levels that senior leaders can aspire to and develop.

The Executive Competency Portfolio is a 360º tool that measures 11 key competencies critical to effectiveness in senior manager or executive roles. The tool is based on research from numerous organizations differentiating outstanding from typical executives.

Competency feedback is provided in terms of demonstrated level of sophistication. Each competency has a target level that differentiates the outstanding performers. A success formula is also provided to help target areas for development that will have the greatest impact.

Respondents provide their feedback on specific competency behaviors as well as verbatim comments. This tool is best used with senior-level managers, typically Director level and above.

Target Population: Executives
Feedback: Developmental levels, Outstanding Target levels, Success Formula
No. of Items: 71
Administration Time: 35 min
Survey Languages: English
Report Languages: English

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