Sales Manager Portfolio

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Appropriate For New Applicants
Existing Employees
Comprehensiveness Intermediate
Administration Time - 1 hr
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The Sales Manager Portfolio is a 360º on-line tool that measures 11 competencies shown to differentiate outstanding sales managers; a role that is often difficult for many who are promoted because of their success as an individual sales person. Use the sales manager portfolio to assess the people leading your sales force. Research in numerous organizations highlights the importance of the sales manager role and the dangers of promoting outstanding salespeople into it. Many new managers continue to do what they do best – sell – leaving their sales teams unfocused and demotivated.

This Sales Manager model was derived through an in-depth analysis of competency models, documented in Spencer and Spencer’s Competence at Work. In creating this model the publisher sought to include those competencies that are most critical in defining excellence in a wide variety of sales management roles.

This tool measures those competencies that are critical for success in the sales manager role, organized into three key areas:

Managing oneself (managing one’s own behavior to increase effectiveness as a manager),
Managing the team (including developing team members, holding them accountable and fostering teamwork), and
Managing the sales process (achieving results including focus on the customer).

Competency feedback is provided in terms of demonstrated level of sophistication. Each competency has a target level that differentiates the outstanding performers. Respondents provide their feedback on specific competency behaviors as well as verbatim comments. The sales manager portfolio encourages managers to draw on their strengths, and sets out specific target levels that sales leaders can aspire to.

Target Population: Sales Managers
Feedback: Developmental levels, Outstanding Target levels
No. of Items: 55
Administration Time: 28 min
Survey Languages: English, Japanese, Spanish (Mexico)
Report Languages: English, French (France), Greek, Spanish (Mexico), Portuguese (Brazil)

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