CAPS: Career Ability Placement Survey & Career Orientation Preference Survey & Career Orientation Preference & Evaluation Survey Tests (NOT OFFERED BY COD)

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Appropriate For New Applicants
Existing Employees
Comprehensiveness Basic
Administration Time - 1 hr
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Language English
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Creative Organizational Design does not offer this product. It may be obtained via Career/Lifeskills Resources Inc.

Canadian Version - Canadian Occupational Norms Only

CAPS is designed to measure abilities keyed to entry requirements for the majority of jobs in each of the fourteen occupational clusters. The test requires only 50 minutes to complete and easy, self-scoring by examinees allows for immediate feedback, examinee involvement and cost-effectiveness.

CAPS consists of eight, short, five-minute tests:

• Mechanical Reasoning
• Spatial Relations
• Verbal Reasoning
• Language Usage
• Word Knowledge
• Perceptual Speed and Accuracy
• Manual Speed and Dexterity
• Mathematical Ability

After completing the easy Self-Scoring Form, the examinees follow the instructions in the Self-Interpretation Profile and Guide to discover the occupational clusters best suited to their abilities. In addition, the summary activity section of the booklet includes a four-year Educational Program Planning Guide and a Local Job Interview Sheet. CAPS is ideal for classroom career exploration, school course selection, curriculum evaluation, employee development and for use with other components of the COPSystem for an integrated, comprehensive approach.

Scoring and Interpretation of Results

Each of the measures in the COPSystem can be easily self-scored by the examinee with a high degree of accuracy. The results can then be interpreted in any or all of the following methods:

1. Each test may be self-administered, scored and interpreted separately, using the corresponding Self-Interpretation Profile and Guide.

2. Results from all three Self-Interpretation Profiles and Guides can be summarized in the Summary Guide.

3. Using the Self-Scoring Form for each test, the results can be plotted directly in the Comprehensive Career Guide. All the information necessary for scoring and interpreting the tests is included in this single booklet. Separate profiles are provided for each test, in addition to a summary profile which integrates interpretation for the three tests, or for any two of the three tests.

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