Entrepreneurial Readiness Inventory - DISCONTINUED

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Administration Time - 30 min
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Entrepreneurial Readiness Inventory


Self-employment is not for everyone, however. Researchers have studied the personalities and backgrounds of successful entrepreneurs and discovered that there are key personality traits, attitudes, and beliefs that they share. While having these traits is no guarantee that a person’s new business will succeed, not having them is a sign that it will fail. Both the growth and appeal of self-employment speaks to a need for more tools to help people decide if it is a viable option for them.

ERI can help individuals who are interested in entrepreneurship discover if it is a worthwhile risk. The quick, 60-item assessment gauges the user’s vision, risk tolerance, perseverance, motivation, independence, and resources, ultimately indicating both strengths and weaknesses. Not only can this help would-be entrepreneurs make one of the most important decisions of their career, it can also identify potential pitfalls and barriers that they are likely to encounter. In addition, ERI offers users ample follow-up information, including tips for becoming more entrepreneur-ready, resources for starting one’s own business, and space to create a self-employment action plan so that individuals know the steps to take next.

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