Job Survival & Success Scale

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Appropriate For New Applicants
Comprehensiveness Intermediate
Administration Time - 30 min
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Language English
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Job Survival & Success Scale

• Research-based, measures skills ranked highest by employers

• Self-administered, self-scored, takes just 20 minutes to complete

• Five scales: dependability, responsibility, human relations, ethical
behavior, and getting ahead

• Can help improve job retention rates—identifies potential obstacles to
job performance success

This inventory meets the need for a brief assessment that identifies a person’s attitudes and knowledge about keeping a job and getting ahead in the workplace.

Surveys consistently show that “soft” skills are the ones that employers desire most in employees: interpersonal skills, ethics and integrity, leadership, and perseverance. Many training programs are looking for ways to integrate training on these soft skills with their more traditional emphasis on the “hard” job-related skills.

Job Survival and Success Scale (JSSS) is designed to help trainers and programs identify an individual’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to critical job retention skills.

Each JSSS inventory contains 60 brief statements about surviving and succeeding on a job, scoring directions, interpretation guide with tips and check boxes, and writing space for “My Success Plan.” Items are grouped into five scales that represent a program that teaches key job survival and success skills:

• Dependability
• Responsibility
• Human relations
• Ethical behavior
• Getting ahead

The JSSS is helpful for people with and without work experience, including those currently employed, people who want to get promoted, those who feel stuck in a job, and people who have problems keeping and succeeding in jobs.

The device has been tested and validated for a wide age range, from junior high school to retirement and is appropriate for a variety of audiences.

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