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The Exceptional Team Survey

How are exceptional teams different? What does an exceptional team look like? The authors draw from years of research and consulting experience to answer these questions and provide a user-friendly survey to help you benchmark your team against the best in the world.

The Exceptional Team Survey:

• Identifies the critical elements that make up an exceptional team
• Delivers powerful insight into how extraordinary teams actually operate
• Presents a real-life case study of a team with a poor track record that became a best in class model

The survey is designed to be completed by the team leader and all members of the team. Participants will be asked to respond to a 60-statement questionnaire.

The results will clearly reveal your team’s strengths and weaknesses in six critical characteristics of exceptional team performance:

The Six Characteristics:

• Leadership
• Results orientation
• Group climate
• Communication
• Boundary management
• Assessment

Do your employees think critical goals and objectives of the team are clear? Do they feel the team leader is able to make tough decisions? Do they think credit for team successes are shared? By gathering and interpreting input into these and other issues, this survey will be an essential tool in your change effort.

Comes with a complete set of masters for the reproduction of materials.

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