Applicant Productivity Profile (APP ™)

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Appropriate For New Applicants
Comprehensiveness Basic
Administration Time - 30 min
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Language English
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The APP instrument can help you make better selection decisions by breaking the literacy barrier. You can evaluate the work-related attitudes of your applicants using an assessment designed to accommodate low reading levels and includes a scale that helps helps measure Reading Ease.

The APP instrument can lead to:

• improved quality of service
• reduced employee theft
• decreased workplace accidents
• less turnover and absenteeism

The APP helps measure:

Honesty II

The Honesty Scale assesses the likelihood that the individual will not engage in workplace theft.

Drug Avoidance II

The Drug Avoidance Scale helps measure the likelihood that the applicant will not sell or use illegal drugs on the job.

Employee/Customer Relations II

The Employee/Customer Relations Scale helps measure an applicant's tendencies toward courtesy, cooperation and service.

Work Values II

The Work Values Scale helps measure an applicant's attitude toward work and positive work habits.

Supervision Attitudes II

The Supervision Attitudes Scale helps measure the likelihood that the applicant will respond appropriately to supervision.

Tenure or Job Commitment II

The Tenure or Job Commitment Scale helps measure the likelihood that the applicant will not quit after a short period of time.

Safety II

The Safety Scale helps measure an individual's level of safety consciousness and the likelihood that the applicant may be a safety risk.

Also Available In Spanish - Paper Only 25/order

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