Technical Analyst Test

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Appropriate For New Applicants
Comprehensiveness Intermediate
Administration Time - 1 hr
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Language English
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Purpose: This assessment helps you identify professionals who are easy to get along with, conscientious and willing to adhere to company rules and policies, stable and reliable, innovative, act in an ethical manner, work hard, and deal with tasks that may isolate them from others. This test also measures basic intelligence which helps you evaluate the degree to which your candidate will be able to handle complex information, make good judgments based on abstract concepts, and be able to relate well to other highly intelligent professionals and managers.

About the Test: This test consists of two parts (1) a 126 question personality inventory, (2) a 44 item test of general cognitive aptitude with about equal number questions for verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, and abstract reasoning. It probably takes about 60-75 minutes to complete it although this will vary from person to person because it is untimed.

What the Report Gives You: Graphical display of scores and suggested interview questions.

Testing Process: Online testing provides immediate reporting. Proctoring is desirable but not required.

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