Abbreviated Torrance Test For Adults - NO LONGER AVAILABLE VIA COD

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Comprehensiveness Intermediate
Administration Time - 30 min
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Language English
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The Abbreviated Torrance Test for Adults (ATTA) is designed to be a shortened version of the acclaimed Torrance® Tests of Creative Thinking (TTCT), created specifically for use with adults. It can be used as a teaching/training device, for screening purposes, and for use in educational research. The ATTA provides substantial insight into the creativity of adults by quantifying both the figural and verbal creative strengths. It consists of four norm-referenced abilities along with fifteen criterion-referenced creativity indicators that when added together will give the creativity index.

The ATTA consists of three open-ended activities. In one activity, for example, the respondent is given a “just sup¬pose” prompt and then asked to list problems that might arise. The ATTA’s four norm-referenced abilities include: fluency, originality, elaboration, and flexibility.


• Provides an initial response to adults who want to determine their creative strengths.

• Can be used to measure changes in the creativity of adults through the use of pre- and post testing.

• Has a shortened administration time.

• Is easily scored—the manual provides all necessary directions.

• Provides substantial insight into adult creativity by quantifying both the figural and verbal creative strengths.

The fifteen criterion–referenced creativity indicators are identified as the following:

Verbal Responses

• Richness and Colourfulness of Imagery
• Emotions/Feelings
• Future Orientation
• Humour: Conceptual Incongruity
• Provocative Questions

Figural Responses

• Openness: Resistance to Premature Closure
• Unusual Visualization, Different Perspective
• Movement and/or Sound
• Richness and/or Colourfulness of Imagery
• Abstractness of Titles
• Context: Environment for Object, Articulateness in Telling Story
• Combination/Synthesis of Two or More Figures
• Internal Visual Perspective
• Expressions of Feelings and Emotions
• Fantasy

Manual provides the test administrator with all the information for easy administration along with scoring. The ATTA can be self-scored.

Level: Adults
Time: 15 minutes

Available in English and Spanish

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