Career Development Report For Managers

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Appropriate For Existing Employees
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Administration Time - 1 hr
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Purpose: This report gives you a broad based understanding of your personality and how your traits influence your success in various ways on the job as well as how your traits undercut your aspirations in other areas. It provides valuable insights about the strengths and possible shortcomings of your typical leadership style. This report is an excellent tool for anyone thinking about what career to enter, or shifting from one career to another, or simply seeking to modify job responsibilities to achieve a better person-job fit. Descriptive statements and suggestions in this report are excellent resources for anyone trying to put together a resume for job hunting purposes. Written by professionals with years of experience in helping companies select the right person for the job, and those who have published scholarly articles on these topics in peer-reviewed journals, you can be assured that these reports represent state-of-the-art knowledge applied to your own personal profile.

You can use this report in several ways:

• For general insight and personal development.

• Insights about how you typically approach leadership roles.

• Learn how you can use your personality to its best advantage to achieve the best outcomes.

• Gain an understanding of how your personality impacts the work you should be doing so that you might adapt well to your duties or assignments.

• Find a new line of work – what your personality says about ways you search for a job or possibly shift your career.

• Develop a set ideas and phrases you can use to help you “sell” yourself in a job interview.

About the Test: This untimed personality inventory has 97 questions, so it should take about 30-45 minutes to complete.

What the Report Gives You: This report gives you scores on 11 different personality dimensions that have been shown to be highly predictive of on-the-job success. You already know that no matter where you fall on a personality scale, there are both good and bad aspects to consider in who you are and the type of work that suits you best vs. the type of tasks or work environments that you probably ought to avoid. We also help make sure that you have a good understanding of how you can use those strengths to their best advantage. The report also provides suggestions for development.

Testing Process: Internet-based testing allows you to complete it when it is convenient to you. When you finish, a report can be downloaded immediately.

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