Team Leader Profile - See the Campbell-Hallam Team Development Survey

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Appropriate For Existing Employees
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Administration Time - 1 hr
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See the Campbell Hallam Team Development Survey - This is the same product.

The team model is only effective when it produces a work dynamic that is greater than the sum of its parts, and that doesn’t occur simply by putting people together. That’s why it is critical to accurately assess whether your teams are functioning smoothly and reaching their maximum potential or whether adjustments need to be made.

The TLP instrument can be used to help provide feedback to work group leaders on attitudes and behaviors that impact team effectiveness. The TLP survey helps provide objective information on the team leader's strengths and weaknesses based on the perceptions of the leader and selected observers such as direct reports, peers, and managers.

The TLP results can be useful in:

• Providing feedback so leaders can understand how their strengths and weaknesses affect their leadership roles.
• Helping leaders create a development plan for continuous growth.
• Improving team effectiveness when used in conjunction with the TDS™ (Team Development Survey) instrument.

TLP Dimensions

Based on years of research, the TLP helps measure 19 dimensions of leadership functioning that have been shown to be critical to effectiveness. The areas measured by the TLP correspond directly to those contained the Campbell-Hallam™ Team Development Survey (TDS®), providing an opportunity for a focused look at an entire team. The TLP dimensions are grouped around four major themes:


• Team Assessment
• Rewards
• Innovation
• Leadership
• Feedback


• Time and Staffing
• Organizational Support
• Information
• Skills
• Material Resources
• Commitment


• Mission Clarity
• Individual Goals
• Team Coordination
• Empowerment
• Team Unity
• Overall Index

Team Success

• Satisfaction
• Performance

Normative Data

The normative sample includes 2,500 team members who rated 500 team leaders in more than 100 different organizations.

To ensure that your team is functioning optimally, you need to assess their performance. We can assist in this essential exercise by providing the right tool for the task. The TLP is a key component of our suite of organizational development tools. It is utilized by hundreds of companies throughout North America who have sought to better utilize their most important asset – their human capital.


Number of Items 72 standard, option of adding up to 25 supplemental
Time to Complete Approximately 30 minutes
Administration Online, paper-and-pencil
Language English only
Format 6-point Likert scale

Paper and pencil or Online

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