Stromberg Dexterity Test - DISCONTINUED AS OF APRIL 2009

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Appropriate For New Applicants
Existing Employees
Comprehensiveness Basic
Administration Time - 30 min
Format pencil icon
Scoring Options hand icon
Language English
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Stromberg Dexterity Test

WE REGRET THAT THIS ASSESSMENT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED AS of APRIL 2009. May we suggest that you consider the Minnesota Manual Dexterity Test, Hand Tool Dexterity Test or Purdue Pegboard as possible substitutes instead? You can find them on this site listed by name on the A-Z Test link at the left.

The Stromberg Dexterity Test (SDT) is a fast, objective means of measuring basic manual dexterity for positions such as laundry worker, punch press operator, machine molder, assembler, or welder. You may also use SDT to assess the manual dexterity of individuals in vocational evaluation and training programs.

The SDT was developed as an aid in choosing workers for jobs which require speed and accuracy of arm and hand movements. The original model was constructed in 1945 and further research led in 1947, to the present model. The box containing the SDT materials is used for the administration of the test as well as for carrying and storing the test materials. When opened, it occupies approximately two by four feet of table space.

The SDT requires the candidate to follow a special pattern of arm and hand movements. The candidate must pick up a block, not its colour, move it to the form board, and place it in a specified hole. These steps are repeated until all 54 blocks have been placed. Administration and scoring is quick and easy; the only equipment needed in addition to the test materials is a stop watch. The test can be given and scored in approximately 10 minutes.

Applicants must discriminate among and sort 54 biscuit shaped discs and insert them into a form board as quickly as possible. After two practice trials, the applicant performs two timed trials taking five to 10 minutes. The raw score is the total number of minutes and seconds required to complete the last two trials.


• Individual administration

• Approximately 5 to 10 minutes (stopwatch required)

• Scored by time required to complete the last two trials

• Percentile ranks are included for various groups of industrial applicants, employees, and trainees with disabilities

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