SigmaRADIUS 360 Feedback

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Appropriate For Existing Employees
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Administration Time - 1 hr
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SigmaRADIUS 360 Feedback

Douglas N. Jackson, Ph.D. © 2002

Announcing the new SigmaRADIUS Benchmarking Service! Customize your 360 feedback process by determining which SigmaRADIUS competencies best match your organization and leadership roles.


• An aid for executive and managerial coaching.
• Basis for succession planning and determining promotability.
• Career development in MBA or executive educational programs.
• Development and maintenance of goal-setting initiatives.
• Performance measurement for personal development or formal appraisal.

The SigmaRADIUS 360 Degree Feedback Report summarizes an individual's profile of multi-source ratings across 42 leadership behaviours. Every profile shows how the target leader was rated by his or her self, leaders, colleagues, direct/indirect reports, and clients. The report includes specific comments that coworkers provided, as well as dynamic development advice, action steps, and references to key readings.

SigmaRADIUS Version 2.0
SigmaRADIUS is now aligned with the Leadership Skills Profile - a personality based leadership assessment that can be customized to reflect the competencies needed to succeed in your organization. Used in tandem, SigmaRADIUS and the Leadership Skills Profile form a powerful and well-rounded solution that will fill your leadership selection, development, and succession planning needs.

SigmaRADIUS was founded on a well-respected, comprehensive model of leadership behaviour. Our research psychologists extended this framework by conducting a detailed analysis of executive leadership behaviour using 360 degree ratings from more than 1,700 raters. The result is a fine-tuned, 360 degree assessment tool that encompasses 42 dimensions of leadership behaviour.

SigmaRADIUS is available online, allowing the administrator to select targets and raters, track the status and progress of the feedback process, and generate the report using our convenient online platform.

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