Posttraumatic Stress Diagnostic Scale (PDS™) - DISCONTINUED

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Administration Time - 1 hr
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Posttraumatic Stress Diagnostic Scale

This product has been discontinued as of December 31, 2014.


Administration: Paper-and-pencil or computer administration; 10–15 minutes (49 items)

The Posttraumatic Stress Diagnostic Scale™ (PDS™) is a brief screening and diagnostic instrument that helps assess the presence and symptom severity of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It parallels DSM-IV™ criteria for a PTSD diagnosis and may be administered repeatedly over time to help monitor changes in symptoms.

PDS can be given by qualified psychologists, social workers, and counsellors in a variety of settings where they treat people who may have been victims of a traumatic event, as well as, to screen for the presence of PTSD in large groups or with patients who have identified themselves as victims of a traumatic event; and/or to gauge symptom severity and functioning in patients already identified as suffering from PTSD.

The PDS instrument was normed on a group of 248 men and women between the ages of 18 and 65 who had experienced a traumatic event at least one month before they took the test. The diverse normative base includes clients of women's shelters, PTSD treatment clinics, and Veterans Administration hospitals, in addition to staff of fire stations and ambulance corps.

Report Options:

Profile Report - The profile report indicates a Yes or No for a diagnosis of PTSD. The report indicates if each of the DSM-IV criteria for PTSD was met (Yes, No, or Incomplete Information). Symptom Severity, Number of Symptoms Endorsed, Symptom Severity Rating, and Level of Impairment in Functioning are also reported. There is also a narrative section that summarizes the survey results.

Progress Report - This report is designed to monitor a client's progress over time. Provided at no additional charge, it graphically displays changes in a client's Symptom Severity Score and Number of Symptoms Endorsed for up to five previously reported PDS administrations.

Scoring Options:

Q Local™ Software - Enables you to score assessments, report results, and store and export data on your computer.

Hand Scoring - Administer assessments on answer sheets and score them quickly yourself with an answer key which allows you to score the assessments at your site.

How Q Local Software Works

• Install Q Local software on your computer easily from a CD-ROM, download software upgrades from the Internet, or request that upgrades are mailed to you.

• An individual can take a test right on the computer, or you can manually key the individual's responses from an answer sheet into the program.

• After payment of a modest license fee, you pay for only the tests and administrations you need.

• You receive a counter that plugs into the USB port on the back of your computer. It keeps track of the number of test administrations you've scored.

• Order additional administrations 24/7 via the Internet with a credit card purchase. You receive immediate access to these administrations. (This option is not available to customers outside the U.S.)

Q Local Software Productivity Features

• Desktop and Network versions
• On-screen report viewing
• 24-hour report usage re-ordering via Internet
• Warning when you are running low on report usages
• Ability to save client demographic information for reuse with multiple
• On-screen administration for pre-selected batteries
• Enhanced ability for naming, viewing, sorting and managing scanned
• Custom data fields
• Automatic report generation upon scanning answer sheets
• Automatic reminders to back up data
• Downloadable software updates
• Administration of timed and graphics-based tests on-screen
• Recycle bin for easily deleting records
• Reports in Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) that can be copied and
pasted into other applications, including Microsoft Word®

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