Personality Self-Portrait (PSP™)

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Comprehensiveness Advanced
Administration Time - 1 hr
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Language English
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The Personality Self-Portrait helps individuals discover their personality structures. It illustrates the wide range of normal personality styles that combine to create each individual’s unique personality profile, and demonstrates how each personality style influences relationships, work, and home life. The 14 personality styles identified in the PSP are the common, adaptive versions of the more extreme pathological constellations described in the DSM-IV™ classification manual. The PSP is also useful for monitoring the effects of therapy or counseling and adaptations to life changes.

The Interpretation Guide describes in detail the 14 personality styles, the domains of functioning as they relate to the personality styles, and strategies for making the most of each personality style. The New Personality Self-Portrait book (included in the PSP Complete Kit) provides more information on the personality styles with case examples.

Profile Reports include an item-by-item summary of responses and describe which of the 14 personality styles combine to create the respondent's personality profile.

Key Areas Measured:

• Sensitive
• Devoted
• Conscientious
• Leisurely
• Aggressive
• Self-sacrificing
• Serious
• Vigilant
• Solitary
• Idiosyncratic
• Adventurous
• Mercurial
• Dramatic
• Self-confident

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