Personal Effectiveness Inventory

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WE REGRET THAT THIS ASSESSMENT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED - However, we can recommend substitutions, please contact us.

Personal Effectiveness Inventory (PEI) is a survey and workbook for self-development in your personal and professional life. It is also an effective follow-up to development efforts based on LSI and STYLUS. PEI identifies 15 dimensions that predict success, confidence, enjoyment, and fulfillment.

The PEI is a scientifically validated, structured process for uncovering your personal and professional strengths and developmental opportunities. It begins with a candid assessment of your attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours in a variety of situations. Your responses are used to identify areas of strength and areas in need of development as compared to a large representative sample of adult men and women. The guide is intended to help you understand how your attitudes, beliefs and behaviours contribute to and detract from your effectiveness in your personal and professional live.

The purpose of the PEI is to provide you with new insights into your attitude, beliefs and behaviours and how to increase your skills for effectiveness. People don’t always know how their behaviours and attitudes interfere with their effectiveness. The PEI is designed to help one reach a deeper understanding of how they can improve, accomplish more and have more satisfying relationships. In short, the PEI will guide one to achieve mastery in their work and relationships. Mastery is the achievement of optimal experiences from being engaged in a project of relationship that is attainable but challenging. Gaining mastery includes savoring the journey and the work as much as (or more than) the actual goal attainment.

Dimensions are arranged in four domains:

• Self-Image
• Control
• Approval
• Amicability

Relationship Building
• Trust
• Cooperation
• Interpersonal
• Inclusion

Goal Achievement
• Satisfaction
• Directedness
• Expectations
• Effectiveness

Time Orientation
• Past
• Present
• Future

Personal Effectiveness Inventory Participant Kit includes:

• Self-Description Inventory
• Self-Description Guide

The Personal Effectiveness Inventory ® is a registered trademark of Human Synergistics, Inc., Plymouth, MI, U.S.A.

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