Parker Team Player Survey

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Appropriate For Existing Employees
Comprehensiveness Intermediate
Administration Time - 30 min
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The Parker Team Player Survey measures an individual’s style as a team player. The survey results lead to the identification of the individual’s preference for one of four different team player styles. The PTPS can be used to assess current strengths and provide a basis for increasing team effectiveness.

Parker Team Player Survey

The PTPS is an easy-to-use self-assessment exercise that helps individuals identify their primary team player style—contributor, collaborator, communicator, or challenger. They discover how to best use their style for improved team performance and how to adjust the role they play on the team to meet the team’s needs. Each survey includes complete scoring information, interpretation of the results, and feedback materials that help team members understand their primary and less-used styles. The PTPS is an excellent tool for use in providing insight when forming teams, as an informative icebreaker activity for newly formed teams, or as a development tool for intact teams. A powerful learning exercise that can be used in any training program designed to build stronger, more effective relationships, it is a versatile tool for personal and professional development applications, including customer service, sales, supervisory management, and coaching and counseling.

Parker Team Development Survey Program

Complete your team building sessions with this comprehensive resource

This newly designed training resource provides a step-by-step process for quickly and effectively developing groups into high-performing teams. The easy-to-follow designs are presented in two categories—team building and team training—and range from a short 90-minute session to a two-day workshop. The Facilitator's Guide includes 5 team training designs, 5 team building designs, 17 team building activities, 13 reproducible masters, one copy of both the Parker Team Player Survey and Styles of Another Person, plus a CD of workshop presentation slides (PC format only).

The Parker Team Development Survey (TDS) offers a quick yet highly informative way for a team to measure how well it is performing. The TDS can be used as a data collection tool for team assessment, as a needs assessment tool for team training, as a team-building activity, or as the basis for a workshop on team effectiveness. The complete program consists of a Leader's Guide, 10 copies of the Team Member Survey to be completed by individual team members, and a Team Scoring Form to collect individual responses for analysis. The Leader's Guide contains administration instructions, sample applications, a discussion guide, and an outline for creating an action plan for team improvement.

Parker Team Player Survey Styles of Another Person

Build stronger teams using 360° feedback

A companion to the Parker Team Player Survey, this newly redesigned survey allows participants to include observations from other team members as they assess their team player style. A valuable 360-degree tool as the team works to achieve maximum effectiveness.


• Enhancing team communication
• Increasing team effectiveness
• Improving team leadership
• Conflict and relationship management
• Team building


• Provides an assessment of an individual’s typical behaviour when working on teams
• Helps people understand how others prefer to work on teams
• Teaches individuals how to adjust the role they place to meet team goals

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