Mechanical Aptitude Test

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Comprehensiveness Basic
Administration Time - 30 min
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(Not to be confused with the Mechanical Aptitudes Test)

The Mechanical Aptitude Test was designed to be a quick evaluation of a person’s mechanical aptitude measuring their ability to learn and perform production and maintenance job activities. This test is not designed to measure specific knowledge and skills, but rather the potential to be successful in an apprenticeship or trainee program for maintenance jobs such as maintenance mechanics, industrial machinery mechanics, and millwrights, or production jobs such as machine operators and tool setters. It has been shown to have less adverse impact than earlier measures of mechanical aptitude.


The Mechanical Aptitude Test was professionally-developed in 2004 to measure mechanical aptitude while reducing adverse impact based on gender and race. It is a short measure of mechanical aptitude and has been found to be highly correlated with other measures of mechanical aptitude. It should be useful in selecting apprentices, trainees, or other candidates who are learning and performing production and maintenance job activities.

Great care was taken in selecting questions that relate to everyday items and common knowledge to reduce adverse impact (early data collection reveals this test to be very gender friendly). The following areas are the primary focus of the questions:

• Household Objects
• Work - Production and Maintenance
• School - Science and Physics
• Hand and Power Tools

This test was developed to address several issues in the realm of mechanical aptitude testing. Specifically, the Mechanical Aptitude Test fills the following voids:

• The need for an updated measure of mechanical aptitude.
• The need for a short and user-friendly measure of mechanical aptitude.
• The need for a measure without reference to city/rural or gender-based content.
• The need for a measure appropriate to the context of 21st century life.


In order to ensure this test can measure the ability to learn and perform production and maintenance jobs, the Mechanical Aptitude Test underwent criterion-related validation studies for both maintenance and production applications. This test has been used in 8 content validation studies and 2 criterion-related validation studies.

It was found to be significantly (.48 p< .01) correlated with GPA for a sample of mechanical technicians in a technical college.

Scores on the Mechanical Aptitude Test were found to correlate (.40 p<.01) with a measure of mechanical knowledge.

In a study of production workers, the Mechanical Aptitude Test was found to be significantly correlated with "ability to troubleshoot equipment" and "ability to enter and receive information using competency".

The Mechanical Aptitude Test was shown to have a significant predictor-criterion relationship to success and manager ratings.

Additionally, validation studies were completed to determine the construct validity of this test and was found to be significantly correlated with scores on the WTMA (Wiesen Test of Mechanical Aptitude) and the Bennett Test of Mechanical Aptitude.


The reliability of the test was shown to be .72 (KR20) in a sample size of 994 persons.

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