Mechanical Aptitudes Test (MAT)

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Appropriate For New Applicants
Existing Employees
Comprehensiveness Basic
Administration Time - 30 min
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Language English
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Not to be confused with the Mechanical Aptitude Test

The Mechanical Aptitudes test includes, within a single booklet, test for three major components of mechanical aptitude, mechanical knowledge, space relations and shop arithmetic. The tests do not measure specific mechanical and motors skills which vary considerably from one occupation to another.

Mechanical Knowledge: contains forty-five pictures of commonly used tools and devices. In a few cases the examinee merely identifies the object, but more often the examinee is required to check a word or phrase indicating the proper use of the article depicted. Each question has five alternate choices. These items measure the general mechanical background of the examinee, which is usually quite closely associated with one’s functional interest in tools and machines. The questions were chosen to cover a wide variety of mechanical devices and care was taken to avoid over stressing those of any particular trade or area.

Space Relations: consists of four key figures and forty items, each of which portrays one of the key figures cut into two or three separate pieces. Examinees must indicate which of the four key figures would be reconstructed if the small sections were properly fitted together. In some instances the pieces must be visually turned around in order to fit correctly. Ability to visualize and mentally manipulate objects in space is measured by this test.

Shop Arithmetic: contains twenty-four problems most of which are based on drawings. These problems require the application of both quantitative and fundamental arithmetical operations in typical shop situations. Each problem has four possible choices of answers and a fifth alternative “none of these.”

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