Managerial and Professional Job Functions Inventory (MPJFI™)

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Appropriate For Existing Employees
Comprehensiveness Intermediate
Administration Time - 1 hr
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The MPFJ instrument is comprised of two forms. The Importance form of the MPJFI instrument helps assess the relative importance of 16 basic job functions for overall successful performance in a given higher-level position. The Ability form (sold separately) helps provide an assessment of the relative ability of the individual to perform the 16 job functions.

The Importance form may be useful in defining, classifying, and clarifying organizational structure, determining appropriate selection procedures, and job evaluation for higher-level management and professional positions. The Ability form provides self, peer, and supervisory assessments that may be used in an all-around assessment process, and also a procedure for identifying individual and group training needs. This form has an optional, simplified response format for ease and speed of administration.

MPJFI Scales

• Setting Organizational Objectives
• Financial Planning and Review
• Improving Work Procedures and Practices
• Interdepartmental Coordination
• Developing and Implementing
• Technical Ideas
• Judgment and Decision-Making
• Developing Teamwork
• Coping with Difficulties and Emergencies
• Promoting Safety Attitudes and Practices
• Communications
• Developing Employee Potential
• Supervisory Practices
• Self-Development and Improvement
• Personnel Practices
• Promoting Community/
• Organization Relations
• Handling Outside Contacts

Normative Data: The MPJFI instrument is standardized against skills associated with higher level positions within business and industry.

Job Types: Higher-level managers and professionals.

Time: No limit (approximately 60 minutes).

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