Management Readiness Profile (MRP)

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The Management Readiness Profile (MRP) is an assessment tool that identifies the readiness of candidates for management responsibilities. For example:

• A large grocery store chain used the MRP to identify supervisory potential among its employees.

• A large retailer selected assistant and night managers using the MRP.

• A service company recruiting entry-level candidates at a college job fair used the MRP to identify applicants with a managerial orientation.

• A clothing retailer used the MRP to select assistant store managers for promotion.

The Management Readiness Profile will help you make accurate selection, placement and promotion decisions involving entry-level supervisors. A better fit between managers and their leadership responsibilities means more effective work teams, higher morale, lower turnover among top performers and maximum profitability. In addition, the MRP contains a Validity-Candidness scale that measures the extent of socially desirable responses. Lower scores indicate a tendency to exaggerate positive qualities and minimize negative traits.

The MRP is easy to administer to groups or individuals. Candidates usually complete the instrument in less than one hour, the results are normally sent to you within hours and it is an inexpensive and highly reliable way to assess applicants.

Scales and Measures

• Business Ethics
• Management Interest
• Leadership
• Energy Level
• Practical Thinking
• Management Responsibility
• Interpersonal Skills
• Validity/Candidness

The Assessment Report

One comprehensive score - the Management Readiness Index - combines the results of the individual scales to reflect a person's overall managerial readiness. In addition, separate scores for each of the MRP scales identify an individual's strengths and weaknesses in each specific area.

The Management Readiness Profile (MRP) provides a standardized measure of management potential and is an ideal instrument for selecting entry-level supervisors and managers. The MRP was primarily designed for the following applications: (1) personnel selection and placement decisions, (2) identification of training needs and (3) career development. The MRP can also be used as both a cost-effective and time-efficient method of determining which individuals should receive a more comprehensive managerial assessment.

The MRP is not a "pass-fail" test. Moreover, it is not a comprehensive managerial assessment battery. The MRP serves as an initial, preliminary screening instrument that identifies candidates who possess some of the basic personal qualities that typically characterize successful managers.

MRP Scales

The MRP consists of seven scales designed to measure psychological orientations found to be valid predictors of management performance. MRP scores should, however, be interpreted only in conjunction with other sources of information, such as requirements of the job for which the candidate/incumbent is being assessed, work history, performance appraisals, assessment center ratings, mental abilities tests, reference checks, letters of recommendation and job knowledge, to name a few.

The MRP contains the following scales:

Management Interest - Measures the extent to which the respondent has the desire to become a supervisor or manager.

Leadership - Assesses the attitudes and behaviors that facilitate strong leadership performance.

Energy Level - Measures the respondent's energy level, work pace and work endurance.

Practical Thinking - Identifies people who enjoy new ideas and who think creatively.

Management Responsibility - Assesses the extent to which people feel responsible for and in control of their work performance and advancement.

Interpersonal Skills - Measures interest in social interaction and desire to be with other people.

Business Ethics - Assesses attitudes toward upholding ethical business standards and practices. These scales are also combined into a general indicator of management orientation and potential called the Management Readiness Index. The Management Readiness Index is typically the basis for selection and placement recommendations.

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