Management & Supervisory Skills Test

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The Management and Supervisory Skills Test - Form A was developed in July of 1997, and converted to a self-scoring format (Form A-C) in 2000. The test was intended for use for pre-employment selection or for assessing incumbents in jobs where the knowledge of management and supervisory principles is a required part of training or job activity.

Management & Supervisory Skills Areas

Areas No. of Items

Planning 8
Organizing 8
Communicating 8
Motivating 8
Managing 8

Total 40

Sample Questions:

I. When people have been involved in making a decision, they are

A. less likely to support the originator of the idea.
B. more likely to help carry it out.
C. obligated to support the decision.
D. prevented from objecting to the decision.

II. Which of the following developmental needs could be effectively addressed by coaching?

A. Increased professionalism
B. Increased intelligence.
C. Increased desire.
D. Increased work ethic

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