Law Enforcement Applicant Inventory (LEAI®)

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Appropriate For New Applicants
Comprehensiveness Intermediate
Administration Time - 1 hr
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The LEAI® (Law Enforcement Applicant Inventory) assessment system helps you identify individuals who have the integrity and attitudes necessary to become model officers and security personnel.

Developed by psychologists, with input from law enforcement and security professionals, the LEAI assessment can help you:

• Select honest, productive officers, and security guards
• Decrease work-related theft o f cash, property and time
• Reduce the use of excessive force and other coercive behavior
• Lower the risk o f dangerous, unsafe behavior by law enforcement officers
• Protect the professional image o f your organization

Used by police departments, state police agencies, security firms, and corporate loss prevention departments, the LEAI assessment helps provide you with additional insight needed to make confident selection decisions.

The LEAI Assessment Helps You Measure:

Honesty - the likelihood the applicant will not engage in theft or other forms of counter productivity on the job

Risk Avoidance - tendencies to engage in high-risk, dangerous, and thrill-seeking behavior.

Safety - attitudes which may cause or prevent on-the-job accidents

Nonviolence - the likelihood that an individual is not prone to violence or inappropriate aggression.

Stress Tolerance - an applicant's ongoing experience with stress and the ability to tolerate stress.

Criminal Justice Orientation - the extent to which an applicant's perceptions of law enforcement work match the realities of the work itself.

Drug Avoidance - the likelihood that an individual will not use or sell illicit drugs on the job.

Validity/Candidness – the extent to which an applicant responded to the inventory in extent to which an individual a socially desirable manner. Low scores generally may indicate a tendency to exaggerate positive qualities and minimize negative traits.

Validity Accuracy - the degree to which the applicant understood and carefully completed the inventory.

Candidate Potential Index - a complete score of a candidate’s overall suitability for hire.

Special Features Add Impact To Your Interview

In addition to reporting an applicant’s individual scale scores, the LEAI assessment provides valuable feedback regarding that person’s background and qualifications. Accompanying each scoring report are Significant Behavioral Indicators, narrative evaluation of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses.

You also receive interview questions corresponding to applicants’ responses to specific inventory items. Use this valuable information during an interview to explore responses which might be unclear or reflect negatively on an individual’s qualifications.

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