Life Styles Inventory® Series - No Longer Offered by COD

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The Lifestyles Inventory assessments are no longer being offered by COD. This product requires user certification prior to purchase. Certification costs approximately $1500/person at a 3-day workshop.

Life Styles Inventory® / STYLUS® Instruments

The more your organization's members know about how they think about themselves, their work and the people around them, the better prepared they are to improve. That's where Life Styles Inventory (LSI) and STYLUS come in. What sets LSI and STYLUS apart from other development materials is that they actually reveal the thinking styles that help or hinder an individual in fulfilling his or her potential. Also, because inventory results remain confidential - for the focal participant's eyes only - honesty and accuracy are greatly enhanced.

LSI and STYLUS measure attitudes, motivations, and perceptual filters. They have high reliability and validity. The research on which they are based sets out to identify those attitudes that help or hinder performance and effectiveness. It is based on cognitive psychology rather than personality theory. Attitudes are the layer of personality that have the most potential for change.

LSI/STYLUS measure 12 key thinking patterns, or "styles", that promote performance change and improvement by increasing personal understanding of one's thinking and behaviour. By responding to 240 inventory items, participants learn exactly where they need to focus their development efforts, without ambiguity or guesswork. The results are plotted on a ‘circumplex', or circular graph, for easy visualization. This profile acts as a personal developmental needs assessment, calling attention to the individual's strengths as well as areas needing improvement.

Using their profiles as benchmarks, individuals are now prepared to set targeted improvement goals. They are shown how to formulate specific strategies to achieve them. Further, post-testing makes ongoing follow-up easy. LSI is a self-scored instrument that encourages participants to create strategies for change by using the Self-¬Development Guide. STYLUS is scored for you to produce a computer-generated report of analysis that is specific to the focal individual. Both can have a 360° feedback component.

Versions Available

Life Styles Inventory: Self

• Self-Description Inventory – This is a list of 240 items for the individual to complete in order to develop a profile of 12 thinking styles, normed against 9207 individuals.

• Self-Development Guide – This assists the individual in understanding the 12 styles, and helps finalize change commitments, and formulate strategies to achieve them. It also identified sources of help and encouragement.

• LSI Self Post Test – This 240 item inventory is to be used for an ongoing follow-up in order to compare current scores with previous scores in monitoring change and development.

Life Styles Inventory: 360° Feedback

The Life Styles Inventory 2 (LSI 360°) enables members of your organization to harness the power of feedback and use it to enhance performance improvement. LSI 2 provides a confidential, reliable method of gathering feedback and a nonthreatening, constructive way of presenting it.

LSI 2 Kit Includes:

• Description by Others Inventories (5) – These are inventories to be distributed to co-workers for completion in order to obtain an average for behavioural feedback on the focal individual.

• Self-Development Guide – This assists focal individuals to see how feedback from others relates to their self-perception. Understanding their 12 styles is important to increase interpersonal effectiveness. A profile supplement for comparison of self and others is included.

• Also included: Scorer’s Worksheet, LSI 2 Profile Supplement, Instruction Letters


The STYLUS Self is a self-contained development tool derived from the individual’s responses to the LSI Stylus Inventory After we score the inventory, the participant receives a personalized, confidential 40-50 page report or “book” describing the individual’s thinking styles. It is your organization’s most effective tool for working toward improved performance, accelerated productivity and heightened potential at every level.

• STYLUS Self Report – This personal, computer generated report comes in an easy-to-follow format. STYLUS Self provides timely feedback on individual strengths and development opportunities. Participants can answer the questionnaire using a paper form or an online web-based survey.

• STYLUS Self Post Test Report – This is to be used for ongoing follow-up to compare current scores with previous scores. There is a section in the binder for inserting this additional report.


The disc or paper assessments are distributed to 5 co-workers for completion. The average of their perception of the focal individual is then compared to the self-perception. The STYLUS 360° report requires a STYLUS Self report to be generated first. The participants can use the paper or online assessment.

LSI Sales

At last, an assessment tool that provides sales professionals with data that will lead to genuine and lasting improvements. LSI Sales pinpoints the attitudinal causes of effective and ineffective performance. Because the style names remain the same, facilitators can use the LSI Leader’s Guide and audio-visual aids.

LSI Sales Kit Includes:

• Inventory – A self-scoring instrument that allows the sales professional to develop a profile of the 12 thinking styles in order to identify strategies for long-term sales and customer service improvement.

• Self-Development Guide – This easy-to-use booklet explains how individual profiles affect their sales performances, and suggests strategies for lasting improvement.

• Optional: Customer Influence Cards – Using cards similar to the LSII Influence Cards, sales people can identify the thinking styles of known customer in order to develop strategies to more effectively deal with them.

LSI Conflict

A specific application of the Life Styles Inventory, LSI Conflict was developed to assist individuals in identifying and understanding how their thinking patterns or “styles” and coping behaviours affect how they deal with conflict situations. As measured by LSI Conflict, these styles can be either constructive, passive, aggressive or somewhere in between.

LSI Conflict Kit Includes:

• Inventory – A self-scoring instrument that contains 240 items permitting the individual to develop a profile of 12 thinking roles.

• Self-Development Guide – This 72 page booklet enables individuals to interpret their orientation toward conflict and contains practical suggestions for self improvement.

Lifestyle Inventory® is a registered trademark of Human Synergistics, Inc., Plymouth, MI, U.S.A.

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