Leadership Competency Inventory (LCI) - See Inventory of Leadership Styles

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Administration Time - 1 hr
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The Leadership Competency Inventory has been discontinued and replaced with the Inventory of Leadership Styles, available to be viewed on this site.

The Leadership Competency Inventory is a self-scoring questionnaire that measures an individual's use of four competencies essential to effective leadership. Research has shown that those who can convey an inspiring vision to others demonstrate specific behaviors.

The four competencies are:

Information Seeking - The ability to gather information from a variety of sources to gain full comprehension of all possibilities.

Conceptual Thinking - The ability to capture a clear, crisp image from a complex situation or from an assortment of information.

Strategic Orientation - The ability to develop a long-term strategic focus toward a goal and link daily events or current actions to a final objective.

Customer Service Orientation - The ability to identify and focus on the long-term best interest of the customer.

In today’s business environment, it is critical not just to manage changes as they occur, but to lead those changes toward a goal that will benefit the organization. While managers preserve order and reliability in the workplace, leaders dramatically alter the way a group operates by transforming their ideas into images that excite people, thus redefining an organization's overall direction. Both are essential to the success of an organization: reliability without change promotes stagnation; change without consistency leads to chaos.

The LCI enables participants to assess the degree to which they exhibit leadership competencies as perceived by themselves, colleagues and direct reports. Scoring grids in the interpretive notes are used to illustrate the person's demonstration of detailed levels of behaviour, and provide an overall profile of the four major competencies.

Suggested applications:

• Leadership Seminars and Workshops
• Executive Career Development
• Executive Succession Planning
• Performance Appraisals

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